Rigid Paperboard Box Packaging Style Introduction

As one of most eco-friendly raw material, paper has widely use in packaging industry. With different physical form like white art paper, colorful special paper, rigid greybeard, corrugated cardboard .etc, paper can be made into variety style packaging box. Now let’s discuss several style of rigid paperboard packaging box for you:

  1. Round paperboard tube box. Round paper tube box in China always called paper can. Round tube box always consist of paper tube cap and paper tube body. The most obvious features of tube box is its cylinderial shape, very fit for packing cylinderial shape products like glass perfume bottle, wine bottle, glass or ceramic candle cup .etc. As round tube box be more widely mass production of machinery, it always has more good price than normal square gift paper box.jar paper boxes
  2. Paper gift lid and base box. The lid and base box is also called lid and bottom hardcover box, cover-lid box, which is divided into full-cover, shallow cover, deformed cover or double cover. Lid and base box has simple structure, which be made up with a top monomer and a bottom monomer which are separated. Square shape, lid and bottom structure, opening it can bring you a sense of dignity and ceremony, just like opening a treasure box. This style box be most easy to assemble and disassemble. And two layer rigid paperboard can protect the inside products good. This box structure is widely choosen like in Apple phone box packaging, ipad box packaging, Huawei phone box packaging, Chanel packaging box .etc.

rigid paper board lid and based box

  1. Paper flip top packaging box. Flip top paperboard box also called book-shape flip box. It can be closed by turning over the cover, and its extensions in the left and right side can be hasped after in folding. Box features an intensified closure, reasonable use of paper and a low cost. It’s also a widely-used form of packaging box. Usually it has magnetic or ribbon tie on the flip to as box closure.

rigid paper board flip top gift box

  1. Rigid pull-out paperboard box. Pull-out paper box also called paper match box, paper sleeve box or drawer paper box. It has drawer type box structure, be made up by a bottom box and a drawer sleeve. The sleeve box body is called the outer cover or exterior box and can be divided into the one-side opening type and the double-side opening type. Due to its double-layer structure and its pull-out shape, the drawer-type box is solid and easy to use.

rigid paper board drawer box

  1. Collapsible rigid box packaging. Paper gift collapsible box also called foldable paperboard box. The collapsible paper gift box has rigid box shape but can be folded flat into carton box to save room so save shipping cost. When box packed flat, it just like a flat sheet, while when box close and stand up, it’s just a flip top box. Below are two types of rigid paper collapsible gift boxes, one fit for high box which packing high products such as collapsible hat boxes, one fit for short box which packing short products such as blouse gift boxes.

rigid paper board foldable box
rigid paper board collapsible box

Rigid Paperboard Box Packaging Types Introduce
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Rigid Paperboard Box Packaging Types Introduce
There are many kinds of eco paperboard gift box packaging by structure shape: Round paper tubes, square lid and base box, paper flip top gift box, paper matchbox, collapsible box.
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