Electronics packaging box

Custom Paper card headphone packaging box with PVC window

The card box has transparent PVC window to show inner products clearly. It can also fold packing flat into shipping carton box to much save shipping cost. And of course it can color printed client's private logo design.

Customized small rectangular clear retail plastic gift boxes

This transparent plastic box has special design to attract client's attention. It can be flat pack to ship, save shipping cost. And it can show your products clearly as box be clear transparent.

Small Corrugated Box Carton Packaging For Car Charger

Eco-friendly kraft paper material, box can be printing and die cut directly and also can be packed flat into shipping carton, save both production cost and shipping cost.

Black Cardboard Storage Boxes For Electronic Cigarette

Black paperboard gift box in display shape, decorated with colored foil stamped logo and text design. Box with big magnet closure, when client open the flaps can see the inner products in a gift sight.

Industrial Design Paper Gift Packing Box With EVA Foam

Square black design gift box, lid and bottom structure, has soft touch lamination. With black foil stamping logo on box case decorate box luxury and stress the logo.

Wholesale Round Box For Cute USB Cable Packing

Small USB cable round cylinder packaging box, it can protect the cable from hurting with strong rigid box wall, and can also full color printing with client's own logo design.

Magnet Closure Smart Phones Electronics Box Packaging

Pink hard paper electronic smart phone box with custom logo printing. Two open flaps to display inner products more obvious and full scale.

Cheap China Wholesale Paper Mache Box With Handle

Small round paper mache box with lid, the specialty is it has handle string on body box, people can lift up the tube packaging convenient with string. This round box fit for industry products packaging, like electronics packaging box, small machine device packaging box, cosmetics packaging box.etc. We welcome client book custom mache round box with handle string import from China.

Custom Shapes Paper Tube Box Packaging For Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Industrial cardboard tubes packaging for electronic sound speaker products. Welcome OEM & ODM.