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The paper packaging bags made of 250gsm C2S white paper card. Custom color printing design both inside and outside. Custom size paper bags made by client's requirement. It can adds different color rope handle or ribbon handle to the paper bag. MOQ: 1000pcs.

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Nowadays, people’s life is inseparable from all kinds of paper bags. Such as clothing paper bags, food paper bags, cosmetic paper bags, coffee paper bags, Christmas paper bags, tobacco and alcohol packaging paper bags, gift paper bags, and so on. The main material of paper bags is degradable paper, which is far more environmentally friendly than plastic bags. Governments around the world are encouraging people to use more paper bags and reduce the use of plastic bags. As a professional manufacturer of paper bags, we can produce various types and shapes of paper bags. Such as kraft paper bags, white card gift bags, black card bags ribbon handle, and so on. Shown above is a beautiful white paper bag we produced.

The paper bag has printing patterns both inside and outside. Not only printing the brand logo on the outer surface of the paper bag but also printing blue or black background patterns on the inner side of the paper bag. Because coated paper has good printing performance, we used 250gsm double coated paper (250gsm C2S) to print and produce this paper bag.

At the same time, we have a variety of paper materials to choose from to produce different types of paper bags. For example, we have brown kraft paper to produce brown kraft paper bags, black cardboard to produce white paper bag, and white-coated paper card to produce white paper bags. Even if customers want a gorgeous shopping paper bag or gift paper bag, we can choose special paper of different colors and textures to make paper bags. Our customer service staff can take photos of the special/fancy paper catalog, allowing customers to choose a favorite special paper.

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Custom Produce White Paper Bag With Logo Print

In order to make the paper bag look more beautiful and delicate, we made spot UV on the surface of the paper bag logo. The logo pattern after UV treatment looks crystal clear and shiny. If the design requires, we can also do other surface treatment processes to decorate the paper bag. For example, hitting embossing and concave characters, bronzing slogans, glittering at specified positions, etc.

The size of the paper bag is also customized according to customer needs. From small-size paper bags (such as jewelry paper bags) to large-size paper bags (such as clothing shopping bags), we can customize production. Customers can arbitrarily specify the length, width, and height of the paper bag. Then our packaging engineer can draw the paper bag template / dieline for clients put the printing design on. Our packaging engineers can produce color paper bag samples according to the paper bag design and ship to customers for confirmation. After the customer confirms the sample, we can mass-produce paper bags.

If you also need custom-printed paper bags to promote your sales, please contact us. Our sales staff will assist you in the whole process from design, printing, production, and transportation. We focus on providing our customers with cheap and beautiful eco-friendly paper packaging.

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