Paper round box with windows for popcorn (RB85)

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  • round popcorn paper box with clear window

Safty paper bobbin box with clear PVC window on tube body, clients can see products directly from the window. Rigid box to load max 5kg green food products. Custom design print on box and custom paper box size available. Welcome bespoke your own packaging box to promote your sales.


Modern people pay more and more attention to health, and health care has always been a hot topic. Asian residents are more and more welcome to eat coarse grains such as green corn and barley. And people in western countries also like to eat a variety of nut foods. Whether it is corn, barley and other coarse grains containing oriental medicinal culture. Or nut foods generally welcomed by the Western people, their common characteristics are green organic food. People who like to buy green and organic foods tend to prefer natural harmless products. It is easier to choose a green box to pack organic foods to get the favor of this target group and stimulate their desire to buy. The environmentally friendly and non-polluting paper tube packaging box with windows is the best choice for this kind of product packaging.

Good option to choose paper cylinder box with windows

The cylindrical packaging box is mainly composed of paper material, which is natural and environmentally friendly without pollution. It is very suitable as a green food packaging box with natural health as the first indicator. The size of the cylindrical box can be increased by increasing the diameter or height as needed. The round food paper cans are non-toxic and tasteless, and have no effect on the coarse grains contained. The sturdy cylindrical box can hold 5kg of products, which meets the requirements for general green coarse grain packaging.

The biggest feature of the grain tube paper tube package shown above is the transparent window in the side wall of the paper tube. Opening a window in the side wall of a cardboard box is a complicated process, but Major custom can customize this style round packaging box with windows. Consumers can directly observe the food inside through the transparent window. Not just a product picture, which is more real and reassuring. People tend to trust their eyes more than empty advertising slogans and processed product pictures. Letting consumers see products directly can effectively promote consumers to take direct purchase actions. Opening a window on the sidewall of a paper cylindrical box is an innovation of a cylindrical packaging box, round box with windows can effectively promote product sales.

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