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Black color round tube t shirt packaging box. Custom white print client's personalize design on tube box case. The tubular packaging box size can be customized based on garment reality rolling size, just fit for it. It can custom made digital colored tube box samples and ship to overseas client's to check, and let client make decision if need go ahead to order bulk tube boxes.

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Traditional clothing packaging is often plastic clothing bags, paper clothing bags, gift box clothing bags, etc. As a new type of clothing packaging, clothing manufacturers and consumer markets are increasingly welcome cylindrical cloth paper cans. Garment paper cans are particularly suitable for packing boxes that are easy to be soft and easy to fold. Such as T-shirts, underwear, leggings, socks, etc. You can easily roll and pack these garments into a tubular packaging box. And the packaging and assembly costs for putting cloth into the round packaging box are very low. Consumers also don’t have to worry about their clothes being crumpled when they take out the clothes from the cylindrical t shirt packaging tube box after buying the product.

Why choose t shirt packaging tube

Compared with traditional plastic bags or paper clothing shopping bags, cylindrical clothing shopping boxes such as t shirt packaging tube have the following advantages:

1. The cylindrical packaging volume is small. It can reduce the clothing logistics volume and storage volume, and reduce the cost of clothing. It packs the tshirts, underwear or socks in rolls and compress into cylindrical packaging boxes. The volume is 80% less than traditional clothing paper bags or square clothing boxes. At the same time, consumers can easily carry it after purchase. Because the cylindrical clothing box can help compress the volume of the clothing. The young guy is free to put the bought Tshirt in his pants pocket instead of carrying a large shopping bag.

2. It use high quality white paper card roll tube to make the clothing cylinder. The thickness of the paper tube is 0.8mm ~ 1.2mm. Garment paper cans are sturdy and durable, and they are not easily deformed even in the event of a light collision, which can better protect the clothes inside than paper bags.

3. We can use a variety of paper materials to produce paper tubes, such as kraft paper cans, white cardboard tubes, gold cardboard cans, etc. It can makes various kinds of surface treatment designs on the surface of the cylindrical paper can. Packaging designers can use their imagination to design a variety of cylindrical packaging boxes, and I can produce them.

4. Clothing cylinder paper cans are made of 100% environmentally friendly paper materials, which is natural and environmentally friendly. Paper cloth cans are recycled for reuse. Consumers can also use empty clothing paper cans as containers for other things after buying home.

If you want to customize a clothing cylinder box with your own unique design, please email us. We can customize the production of your own box.

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