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This is a round paperboard jar box for aroma diffuser product. Jar box packaging is made of 100% eco paper material. It can be white tubes, black tubes or brown kraft tube boxes as you want. Custom jar size to fit the diffuser bottle and custom printing your private design. MOQ 500pcs ~1000pcs.

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Aromatherapy products are widely welcomed worldwide. It can improve the environment, relax people’s stress, promote the stability of the endocrine system, and maintain beauty. Incense mainly includes aromatherapy, aromatherapy, and incense in people’s daily homes. People like aroma products very much. In addition to general home aromatherapy and office aromatherapy, we can also see that many tea houses and clubs also use aromatherapy to create elegant environments. Aromatherapy essential oils are very valuable and are often stored in high-end aromatherapy essential oil glass or ceramic bottles. And people often choose their diffuser box packaging very carefully.

The aromatherapy packaging box needs to be very strong, which can well protect the fragile aroma glass bottle or aroma ceramic bottle inside, and can bear the weight of the aroma bottle. It also needs to be easy to mass-produce, easy to store, and inexpensive. It takes high-end aromatherapy essential oils from natural plant extracts. And the best packaging is also natural and environmentally friendly. The paper round tube packaging box is very suitable as an aromatherapy packaging box. Aromatherapy cylinder packaging box has the inherent advantage of environmental protection of paper material. In addition, the round aromatherapy box is cheap, which reduces the overall packaging cost of the aromatherapy and reduces the price of the whole product. Conducive to the sales of aromatherapy products, to win people’s favor.

Where to order telescope diffuser box package for my aroma products

If you need custom packaging for your aromatherapy products, please email us. We can customize and produce your special cylindrical aroma packaging box according to your actual needs. Just like the large-sized aromatherapy cylinder shown above, we use a high-quality white card to roll the cylinder core. The unique design of the single black printing customer is 157gsm white art paper. And also do matt lamination on the diffuser tube box case. The entire aroma cylinder design is simple, beautiful and practical.

Not only similar to the cylindrical box shown above, but we can also produce various styles of cylinder essential oil bottles and paper cans according to the customer’s own design. The inner paper tube can be not only white but also black kraft paper tube and brown kraft paper tube. The outer face paper can not only be color printing paper, but also brown kraft paper, black card paper, etc. It can do various surface treatments on the surface of the paper can, such as bronzing, UV, bumping, silkscreen and so on. As long as you design it, we can produce it.

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