Custom Size Makeup Brushes Box Tubes (RB22)

Custom Size Makeup Brushes Box Tubes (RB22)

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  • private lable makeup brush set in box
  • round box packaging for makeup brushes

Custom makeup brushes packaging box tubes. Pure paper material and eco-friendly. Custom size and custom design printing acceptable. Custom colored box sample available. Colored sample making lead time: 3~5days. Bulk production lead time: 12X~15days. MOQ: 1000pcs.

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A special cosmetic brush needs a special makeup brushes box package to be packed. This packing box needs to be strong and durable to protect the brush inside from damage. It needs to be easy to carry. Women can put it in their bags at any time. They can take it out for cosmetics whenever they want to use it. If it can reflect that the products inside are environmentally friendly and safe, it would be great. Cylindrical cosmetic brush box can perfectly meet the above requirements.

Compared with the general plastic cosmetic brush box, the cylinder makeup brushes box is unique and environmentally friendly. Consumers often see a new look in this package. It can make cardboard round boxes very small, with a minimum diameter of 15 mm and a length suitable for specific makeup brushes. Whether it is a single brush or a complete set of brush sets, you can customize to make a special paper cylinder box to pack.

On the surface of the box, print your design. Consumers can know what products are from the outer surface of the box. If you want to attract more customers, you can print exquisite patterns on them, just makeup brushes in small letters. Consumers are more willing to carry your product in her bag at all times. The cylindrical dome is the best way to print your logo. Hold it in your hand and you can see your company logo at a glance.

Contact us to custom your own logo cylinder makeup brushes box

Customization of cylindrical cosmetic brush packaging boxes requires only a small initial order. Major Custom accepts MOQ 1000pcs or even 500pcs beginning order. Of course, you know, for the printing and packaging industry, the larger the quantity, the cheaper the unit price. We have a complete set of cylindrical box packaging production equipment, from face paper printing, surface treatment, rolled paper tube, laminated paper to finished products manual assembly, we can provide a one-stop professional customization services. If you are not familiar with international transportation, we can quote you air freight or sea freight to help you arrange the transportation of goods. As long as you stay at home, you can receive the package you want.

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