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Eco-friendly cylindrical round tube collection box, consisting of several small round boxes. Good for serialized complete sets of product packaging. It can display products in spirals, good to attract the client's eyes. MOQ: 1000PCS Colored sample time: 3-4days. Bulk production lead time: 23-25 working days (depends on order qty)


This round collection boxes package has a unique design and belongs to a personalized package. Cylinder paper cans are stacked six small cylinder boxes in order from top to bottom (of course you can add more small boxes if necessary). Each small box can put different small products inside. It can sequentially stagger and adhere to each small cylinder to the double-opened outer cylinder wall. When opening the double-opened outer box, it spirally opens the small inner box in turn. Consumers can see all the glamorous products at a glance. The top of the outer cylinder has a rope, which makes the cylinder packaging very portable.

Why people like round paper collection boxes

This cylindrical box is perfect for a series of delicate mini product packaging, as collection boxes. For example, as an earring box. A cylindrical box can be placed with 6 different designs of earrings, opened at the jewelry store counter, consumers can intuitively choose the style he likes. Or as a cylindrical display of chocolate boxes, each small box can put chocolate bars of different tastes or shapes. When consumers open the round box packaging, different chocolates form a combined advantage to attract consumers’ attention. Moreover, each type of name can be printed on the body of each small round box. It is convenient for customers to identify. On the cylindrical outer box, it can print the customer brand logo to expand brand awareness.

The key to producing this type of cylindrical packaging is to fix the position of each small round box inside, so that all small round boxes are on a spiral line after opening, which has visual impact. Major Custom specializes in the production and production of paper cylindrical packaging boxes, and has a team of experienced engineers and sales teams. We can design and produce cylinder boxes of various complicated structure types to meet the different needs of customers. If you need to customize your own packaging paper box, please email us and our customer service staff will reply you as soon as possible.

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