Custom Cylinder T Shirt Box Packaging (RB75)

Custom Cylinder T Shirt Box Packaging (RB75)

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Eco-friendly Kraft paper tube packaging boxes for t-shirts, custom box size to fit products and custom design printing available. Custom colored box sample making and shipping to the client's hand to check. Help the client arrange shipping goods to his or her warehouse if needed.


Now it is a new trend to pack T-shirts, underwears and other easy-to-compress clothes into environmentally friendly paper tubes. This T-shirt kraft paper cylinder is made for this purpose. Compared with ordinary square clothing boxes, the price of paper tube packaging boxes will be 30% -70% lower. This is a huge advantage for product boxes such as T-shirts and underwear. It packs tightly the Tshirt, underwear or socks into a cardboard cylindrical box. Packing with a cylindrical box can save transportation and storage space. In addition, it can produce paper tube packaging boxes as easily as T-shirts or underwear and socks. And it can design each T-shirt with an exclusive cylindrical packaging box.

How to make round tube paper shirt box

Tshirt kraft paper cans are made of 800g cardboard, and the outer package is 110g of fine kraft paper, which ensures that the T shirt box packaging tube has a strong structure. The kraft paper Tshirt box is printed with a single black design pattern, and the top of the paper tube cap is printed with the T shirt company brand logo. This box design follows a simple concept line, but the entire box is stylish and attractive. In addition, we can print the customer’s QR code on the box according to the needs, so that consumers can scan the code and log in to the company’s official website, Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms.

We are cylinder packaging manufacturers specialize in customizing the production of paper tube cylinder packaging according to customer needs. We have a complete supply chain that can help customers from designing and proofing the boxes he needs, producing large boxes, to helping arrange air or sea delivery. At the best price, the most thoughtful service to meet any needs of customers. If you need to customize your own exclusive kraft paper can box, please contact us.

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