Airtight paper shaker tube easy peel cap (RB148)

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This is the latest type of sealed paper can packaging. Its unique feature is that its lid not only has an easy-to-tear lid structure, but also a screen sifter lid structure. The characteristic of this cardboard cylinder is that it not only can achieve airtight, 100% plastic free and environmental protection, safety like a food paper tube with easy peel top, but also can keeps slowly pour out the seasoning with the help of a screen sifter lid. The surface of the paper can can be printed with any brand design of the customer. The minimum order quantity is 10,000 pieces.


With the increasing awareness of contemporary carbon neutrality and environmental protection, foods packed in environmentally-friendly paper cans are becoming more and more welcome among consumers. Airtight paper tubes can prevent moisture and oxidation, fit for food preservation. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology in China’s production plants, food paper cans are more and more widely used. Such as milk powder and protein powder tube packaging, puffed food packaging cans, pet snack packaging tubes, tea packaging paper cans, health care tube packaging, seasonings product cylinder packaging, dried fruit candied packaging paper cylinder. etc. Shown above is a newly developed paper shaker tube dusting powder packaging.

The paper shaker tube has an easy tear-off lid at the top and a metal bottom lid at the bottom. The inner wall of the paper can has a food-grade aluminum paper layer. It greatly improves the freshness and moisture resistance of the food can. At the same time, the multi-layer material of the paper can enhance the hardness of paper can. Sealed paper cans can effectively extend the moisture-proof and antioxidant properties of food and extend the shelf life of food.

The uniqueness of this paper shaker tube is that its lid not only has an easy-to-tear aluminum film layer but also has a porous screen layer at the bottom. So it can tear open the easy-to-tear film, and then directly and slowly pour out the powdered condiments. Because there is a layer of mesh, you don’t have to worry about pouring too much at one time. This kind of food paper shaker jar has wide usage. Suitable as an eco paper salt jar, monosodium glutamate jar, chicken essence jar, pepper jar, and other food cylinder powder tube.

Pepper shaker paper tube cardboard salt shaker packaging custom produce wholesale

Compared with ordinary plastic lid condiment jars, this paper shaker tube achieves 100% plastic-free. So it is more environmentally friendly and healthier. This powder packaging tube replaces the thick plastic sieve lid with a thin aluminum screen film. Promoting the use of such food packaging tubes can reduce the use of tens of millions of plastic lids worldwide each year. This way can reduce tens of thousands of tons of white pollution.

To keep the paper shaker tube top continuously clean, you can add a thin plastic or paper cap on top. When the consumer puts the paper lid on each time after pouring the condiments on the dishes, the dust will not enter the paper jar.

It can print the surface of the cylinder paper tube with your unique packaging design content. Also, it can do various surface treatment processes to embellish the paper can packaging. For example, using hot stamping and embossing technology to make the brand logo more conspicuous; using spot UV varnish on the surface of the printed product pictures can make the product pattern look more vivid.

Welcome custom make your own 100% plastic free empty paper container shaker

At present, we have existing molds for this paper airtight sifter powder food packaging tube easy tear lid. The inner diameter of the paper tube can be 52mm, 56mm, 65mm, 73mm; the height of the paper tube can be customized. We use high-quality environmentally friendly paper materials, plus food-grade aluminum paper materials to ensure that the food paper cans are safe, hygienic, and odor-free. The professional die-cutting process means that the cuts of the paper cans produced by us are precise and neat without burrs. The high-quality aluminum film top is easy to tear by hand, which effectively prevents hand cutting and is safer. The surface of the paper cylinder is smooth and flat, so it exquisitely presents the content of the printed pattern.

Do you like this airtight food powder paper shaker tube that is suitable for your powder food products? Please don’t hesitate to send us an inquiry email. Our customer service sales staff can assist you in customizing your proprietary round cylinder cardboard packaging tube easy tear and promote your sales growth.

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