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This type paper candle gift box has flip top structure,good to display inside nice candle cup. The gift box can be customized with different colors, patterns, and designs.It put custom shaped EVA foam insert to hold the candle inside the box. It can be decorated and designed to give as gift to someone. Custom logo print and custom size to fit specific size candle available. Custom order MOQ: 1000pcs.

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This is a square flap style candle gift box. Its flap is slanted in shape. This gives a larger display surface for the inner candle front. Consumers can directly see the logo on the cup when put a logo-printed candle cup into this packaging box.In this way, this type slanted flip-top candle paper box has a better display effect to client when they open the candle box.

Luxury Cardboard Candle Gift Box Packaging Manufacturing Process

We produce this paper candle gift box from cardboard and thin case paper. We produce high-quality rigid paper candle gift boxes with the following process:
1. Design and prototyping: First we need to check your candle or candle cup shape, size .etc. Then our engineer can check the fittable paper candle box size to fit your candle cup size and create box template/dieline. We send the template/dieline to your packaging designer to make a box printing design. Finally, our packaging engineer can create a prototype of the box to ensure it meets the desired specifications and make any necessary adjustments.

2. Paper sourcing: mcpackagings.com will source high-quality paper, such as cardstock or chipboard, that is suitable for creating rigid boxes.

3. Printing & surface handling. We will print your private logo design on the case paper. And then do different types of surface handling to decorate the box. Such as golden or silver hot foil stamping your logo, embossing or debossing the slogan .etc. If you only need to put your logo and some simple slogan on the box case, we can just hot foil stamp it on the box case.

4. Die-cutting: We will use a die-cutting machine to cut the paper into the desired shape for the box.

5. Gluing: We will use a gluing machine to apply a strong adhesive to the edges of the die-cut paper. The glued pieces are then assembled to form the box.

6. Quality control: We will implement a quality control process to ensure that each box meets their standards and will be of good quality.

If you want to order this pattern scented candle packaging box to promote your sales, please feel free to send us an inquiry. We will help you bespoke your own logo eco packaging step by step.

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