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This is an exterior packaging box for health food. The main material of the packaging is paper, which is a recyclable green packaging material. The size of the packaging tube can be customized according to design requirements. The surface of the cylindrical box can be printed with the customer's unique packaging design. You can also add EVA inner support, or blister inner support, or paper support to better fix and protect the inner health food packaging bottle. Our minimum order quantity is 1000 pieces.

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Contemporary people are paying more and more attention to their own nutrition and health, and the demand for nutritious and healthy food is very strong. Under the increasing health awareness of customers and the cost pressure faced by the global medical system, the health food market continues to grow. Nowadays, health healthy food sellers pay more attention to exterior packaging while improving the quality of their products. The cylindrical food tube paper package is a very good exterior packaging for healthy food products.

Most health food is packaged in sealed plastic or glass bottles. Without the protection of strong outer packaging, they are easy to break and deform. So you can put the health food bottle into a round food tube paper package. The sturdy durable cylindrical eco-friendly packaging can well protect the health care food bottle inside. The round paper cans we produce have a thickness of 1.5mm~2mm, and a single paper can bear a weight of more than 2kg. Whether it is transportation or handling, the cylindrical carton can well protect the organic healthy food bottle inside. Sometimes in order to enhance the anti-vibration performance, we can add an EVA inner support to the bottom tube to fix the internal bottle. Or in order to ensure 100% paper material, 100% biodegradable, you can choose to use a strong paper ring holder to fix the internal health care bottle.

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Rid Telescoping Cylinder Food Tube Paper Package For Health Food Packaging

Our craft paper tubes are all made of recyclable paper materials, which are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Eco-friendliness & sustainability are huge priorities for a healthy food brand. The paper tube packaging also has a good hand feel, not cold and hard. It is very comfortable to hold in the hand. Safe to use, don’t worry about scratching your hands when opening the cylinder shape box.

We can customize the size of tube biodegradable food containers so that the size fits the bottle inside. Whether diameter or height, cardboard tube size can be determined according to the design requirements.

We can print monochrome or color patterns on the exterior surface of the health food paper tube to promote the product brand. Also, we can print the health care product material composition table and other laws and regulations. In addition, we can do many surface treatment processes on the design to make the packaging more exquisite. Such as hot foil stamping, Spot UV varnish, embossed design content, and so on. Exquisite exterior packaging can highlight the nobility of the brand, attract consumers’ attention in visual effects, and satisfy consumer psychology.

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