Customized Kraft Paperboard Eyelash Brush Box Tubes (RB66)

  • rolling paperboard brush box
  • eyelash extension mink jar packaging
  • eyelash cleanser brush tube holder

Good quality kraft paper case eyelashes brush packaging tube box. Custom logo printing available. Custom tube box size to fit for eyelash brush available. Colored sample box made to approval available. MOQ: 1000pcs.

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Contemporary women pay more and more attention to beauty. Wearing beautiful false eyelashes can make their eyes look bigger and more beautiful. False eyelashes are becoming more and more popular in the consumer market. The market of false eyelashes brushes matching with false eyelashes is also growing. So how can we attract consumers to buy your fake eyelash brush products? This requires that your product is unique from other products. In fact, the eyelash brush in the market of eyelash brush products is not much, and consumers can’t see any difference when they buy it. This requires a unique eyelash brush packaging box to package your eyelash brush products, improve product quality, establish your own brand image.

Kraft carton false eyelashes packaging brush box looks very natural and healthy. Giving people the feeling that the products inside are also natural and healthy. We know that paper materials are the most environmentally friendly and healthy packaging materials. Paper cylinder packaging boxes are easy to degrade, pollution-free, five toxic and harmless to human body. Compared with all kinds of plastic box packaging, consumers feel very healthy and safe when they see paper packaging. Consumers will directly associate the inside false eyelash brush product is also safe, stimulate their desire to buy. Cylinder boxes can be printed on the surface of your various patterns, brand logo design, establish a healthy and safe brand image. If necessary, color patterns can even be printed on the surface of the cylinder to attract customers’attention.

Personalized Custom Luxury Brown Round Box For Cosmetic Brush

Major Cusm can produce high quality and fine round packaging products like the false eyelashes box above you see now. The brush packaging boxes mainly composed of paper tubes with thickness of 0.35-0.40 mm and covered with 110 GSM kraft paper case. This kind of false eyelashes cylinder box is usually only 20-30 mm in diameter and very slender. The production of cylindrical eyelash boxes requires very fine production and strict quality control. Major custom can ensure that there is no crack on the surface of the carton and that the edge of the roll is smooth and wrinkle-free.

If you wanna make your own paper cardboard makeup brush packing boxes, please feel free to contact us. We can produce high quality makeup brush eyelash pen rectangular box for you.

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