Foldable double open paper box (GB83)

Foldable double open paper box (GB83)

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  • double opening foldable magnet closure paper box
  • foldable double door packaging box
  • collapsible two doors magnetic gift box
  • foldable double door gift box
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Black paper foldable rigid boxes with golden inside, flat pack to save shipping cost. Foldable paper box with double door structure, so consumers can open the paper packaging box in amazing way. Paper box has magnet clusure and ribbon, easy open and close in gift present way. Custom paper packaging box order MOQ: 1000pcs.


We know that folding cardboard boxes can be packed flat, which greatly saves transportation costs. The double open box has a good product display effect because of its double clamshell structure. The double door foldable box above has the advantages of both box types at the same time. The double-opening folding box can be folded and flattened to save freight, and has a double-door structure, which has a good display effect.

We print the exterior of the cardboard box with spot black ink. And do scratch-proof matt lamination on the box case. Anti-scratch proof matt lamination is more expensive than regular matt lamination. However, the surface of the carton with anti-scratch matte lamination is less likely to be scratched. For full black printed packaging boxes, we generally recommend customers to use anti-scratch matte film. Because scratches are more visible on a black base.

We use gold cardboard to frame the inside surface of the double door foldable box. Open the box and you can see that the entire inside of the box is golden. The all-gold background can make the products inside stand out more. If you need another color as the inner box color, we can recommend other color special paper for your reference.

At the four corners of the folding box, we add triangular double-sided tape. In this way, after you receive the folding box, if you need to fix the cardboard box, you only need to stick the double-sided tape on the four corners.

We have added magnets to the double flip doors, consumers can open and close the double foldable gift box very conveniently. Therefore, after purchasing the product, consumers can use this packaging box many times to hold other daily necessities. Consumers can reuse this paper box many times. Your brand logo is printed on the paper packaging box, which promotes your brand awareness.

We can custom produce folio folding gift boxes in any size and any print design. If you need to customize a similar high-end packaging gift box for your product, please click inquiry to contact us.

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