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Luxury pink color round wine box packaging, tube box looks brilliant and luxury. Wholes box only have two main color- golden and pink color, clean but fashion design. Custom tube box size and logo printing available.

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This pink barrel custom wine box is very fashionable and easy to welcome by women. The golden iron chain connects the barrel through two holes. The whole wine barrel box looks like a ladies’ LV bag. Similar to Chanel packaging, the gilt-decorated cylindrical box makes the entire wine bottle and paper can look more elegant.

Useful design of the round wine paper box

The cover of the round paper mache box has a flat side and the cylinder body, and the bottom of the cylinder can adopt a curling structure to make the cylinder packaging box have stronger strength and prevent the wine bottle from falling. The inner diameter of the cylindrical paper can be increased by 2mm-3mm according to the outer diameter of the bottle. So that a single bottle of wine can be easily put in. It can add the inner height of the cylinder to the bottle height plus the shock-proof EVA gasket plus about 10mm of space. Design and produce a cylindrical packing box with a wall thickness of about 1mm. The EVA gasket on the inner bottom can well protect the wine bottle. And it prevents the wine bottle from colliding during transportation.

Sometimes in order to better fix the bottle, it can glue a die-cut shaped EVA insert foam on the cylinder cap to cover the upper part of the bottle. In this way, it keeps the bottle firmly in the paper cylinder wine box. Although made of paper, the paper cylindrical box is hard and impact-resistant. It can well protect the bottled wine products inside. In order to allow the cylinder box to be reused multiple times, the cylinder cover and the empty tube box body are connected by a rope. In this way, the cylinder cover will not be separated from the main body cylinder, and will not be lifted. When closing the lid, the rope sometimes has a good handle. Consumers can easily remove the cylindrical wine packaging box.

How to order cylindrical wine packaging box

If you need to customize high-grade environmentally friendly cylindrical carton packaging for your wine, please email us and tell us the size of the custom wine box you need or directly tell us the size of your wine bottle. We can assist you in designing and producing the product you want. Wanted cylinder wine box. As a professional packaging box supplier, we can provide one-stop service from sample production, large-scale production to freight service. You just need to tell us what you need and we can produce the box and ship it to your warehouse.

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