Custom Braid Wig Packaging Foldable Box (GB17)

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MC packaging develops foldable storage boxes which reduces voulme and ensure saftey during transportion. Our folding and collapsible boxes, or foldable box made from rigid chipboard, which is durable than normal corrugated folding box, or cardboard folding box.

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Custom Logo Black Rigid Foldable Box For Hair Packing

This paper foldable box is for braid wig package using. Different to wig box packaging of custom cardboard gift boxes or pillow box, this used strong and durable chipboard.

Contact us and custom your wig gift box! Apart from foldable box, we also offer modern flip top magnetic boxes, and custom printed cartons.

A rigid paperboard gift box size 25cm length x 18cm width x 15cm height, then it can packed 8pcs gift box per carton with size 52cm x 38cm x 33cm. If a collapsible paperboard box size 25cm length x 18cm width x 15cm height also, it’s flat packing size 51cm x 40cm x0.7cm.This means it can packed 40pcs per ctn with size 53x42x31cm.You can see collapsible rigid paper gift box only need one fifth shipping room of normal rigid paper box, save about 80% shipping cost!

Why packaging box designers should try their best to design all kinds of foldable cardboard boxes, so that they can be packed flat, which saves space and freight, which is especially important for international packaging box sales that require cross-border shipping. The cardboard packaging box shown above is no different from a cardboard box with a fixed shape. It has the solid shape of a general carton and environmentally friendly packaging. The difference is that it can be folded, which greatly saves transportation space when packing.

From the perspective of the design, the wig gift box has dark black design, with a large logo printed on the box. Close the box with the double way of magnet and pink ribbon. You can also brainstorm to come up with your own unique packaging box design. The whole box includes the outer box surface, the inner box surface, and the bottom surface of the box can almost all print with your private design content.



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