Tiny Kraft Cardboard Tube Packaging Can For Mini-Audio With USB Cable (RB86)

  • small cardboard tube box for wifi audio
  • brown cardboard tube packaging with window
  • kraft cardboard window tubes packaging
  • cylinder box cardboard jar packaging for small wifi speaker

Rigid kraft paperboard paper can for mini speaker products. Tube packaging has top and bottom two room for packing mini-speaker and USB cable. It can single color print custom design on box case (also can print full color design but need more printing cost). And of course, customized tube box size available.


Kraft paper tube packaging box is mainly made of kraft paper. Kraft paper is a kind of high-strength packaging paper with tough texture, strong strength. And yellowish-brown paper surface produced by the softwood kraft natural color pulp. The kraft paper itself is very tough and has good water resistance. The kraft paper material can provide good security for the kraft cardboard tube packaging made of kraft. Because the kraft paper material is brownish yellow on the surface, it gives people a special texture. The paper tube packaging box produced with kraft paper has the natural brown color of kraft paper, which looks warm and nostalgic overall. Kraft paper cans have widely usage in tea can packaging, chocolate food packaging, small electronic product packaging cylinders, essential oil bottle paper packaging, skincare cream brown paper tube boxes, etc. It has more and more extensive uses.

Creative design of the cardboard tube packaging

The kraft paper jar design of the mini audio box shown above is very innovative. Electronic mini-audio products are composed of audio and USB cable. In order to better install mini audio products, the creative design of the paper tube box consists of a cylinder top cover, a paper tube body, and a cylinder bottom cover. space. It can place the mini speaker on the top and store the USB data cable in the space below. And the inherent high strength of kraft paper makes the thin cylinder very durable. There is also a small window on the sidewall of the cardboard tube packaging, which can display the key buttons of the product or the customer brand logo.

It can also print the surface of the kraft cardboard tube packaging with rich designs. Generally, only printing a single black design on kraft paper saves costs. If necessary, you can also print a layer of white ink on the surface of kraft paper and then print a layer of CMYK colorful design.

In many years of customized production of kraft paper cans, Major custom has continuously tried to update packaging shapes and structural designs to improve the core competitiveness of packaging products. As our craft of kraft paper cans becomes more and more mature, it will bring different feelings to more users.

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