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Custom 100% black cardboard paper jar package for candle. Paper candle tube with cap structure, gluing ribbon bowknot on top cap. It can custom hot foil or screen print your private logo on tube box case. Custom tube box size available. MOQ 1000pcs.


Black candles look luxury and solemn. Many churches and tea houses like pure black candles. The black candle cardboard tube is suitable as a black candle outer box. Just like the black candle cup shown above, a dark black cylindrical paper jar is selected as the outer box. We use black kraft paper to produce this black candle paper jar, so it looks dark black from the inside out. We add gluing a black ribbon bowknot on the top of the black telescope packaging for candle cups. So that the black candle box does not look monotonous.

It can curl the top lid of the candle cardboard tube and the bottom of the tube instead of a flat structure. This is because the crimping can be crimped by the machine. Flat structure needs manually mounting, but the crimping structure can reduce the price of the box. In addition, the crimping structure has a stronger load-bearing capacity. Crimped paper cans are more able to withstand heavy candle products. The candle paper jar lip also has a curled structure, which makes it easier to cover the paper jar lid and not to cause the paper jar lip to wear.

Do you need a pure black candle cardboard tube?

We can customize the candle paper tube box with your own unique design for you. You can choose this kind of black candle paper jar made of black special paper. The advantage of this round black box is that it is black inside and outside. The surface of the cylindrical box can be gold or silver customer logo design. Or you can choose to print black design on white art paper, which is equivalent to printing the box directly black. The advantage of this round black box is that the surface can print any complex design content on a black background. The disadvantage is that the edges of the paper tube will leak white edges. Both black boxes have their own advantages, the key is which one you like. If you need to know exactly these two kinds of black boxes, you can contact our salesman. Our salesmen can take sample photos or videos for your reference.

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