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Black cardboard tubes with dark black both inside and outside, but with custom colored printing design on surface. Fit for different style product packaging. Custom size made to suit for each product size perfectly. Offer custom made samples available for your check. MOQ 1000pcs.

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Shown above is a black cardboard tube packaging for a car bumper protection strip product. The inside and outside of these custom paper tubes are all black, which sets off the high-end attributes of the products contained inside. Black paper tubes are almost versatile with packing all kinds of products. No matter what color the product is, it can gain dominance when put inside black cardboard tubes. Therefore, black cardboard tubes are very popular product packaging.

It prints with a colorful product pattern and dark black background on the surface of the black cardboard tubes. Those in the printing industry know that printing such high-level picture-on-black patterns is the most challenging. But our black cardboard tubes prints are beautifully done, accurately showing the colorful pattern embedded in the dark black background. We use a black kraft paper tube as an inner cardboard core tube. This inner tube is wear-resistant, and will not be damaged by repeated friction with the paper can cap. It avoids the problem of frequent damage to the inner nozzle produced by some other paper tube companies. This makes lidding paper jars a breeze.

Why choose black cardboard cylinder packaging?

As a kind of paper packaging, black cardboard tubes have excellent product protection performance. It is moisture-proof, Anti-drop, anti-collision, and has a certain thermal insulation effect. A black paper tube gift box is suitable as the outer packaging of various shapes of goods. The noise when filling the product is small. If your product has an irregular shape or is fragile, our packaging engineers can design a suitable packaging inner tray according to the specific shape of your product to fix and protect your product in the cardboard cylinder tubes. Various packaging inner insert materials are available, such as sponge inner tray, EVA tray, EPE tray, blister tray, paper tray, and so on. Different inner trays have different characteristics, you can consult with our customer service staff by email. Our customer service staff/packaging engineers can give you professional packaging advice.

How to custom make your paper tube packaging?

As a professional paper tube box manufacturing company, we provide one-stop custom packaging and packaging services. The custom black round cardboard tubes packaging ordering process is very simple: you just need to click the inquiry button on the side. Filling in the information of what kind of your product need packaging, paper tube size (diameter x height), quantity, and other information. Our customer service staff will reply to your email as soon as possible, to help you customize the cardboard cylinder packaging suitable for your products.

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