Industry Production Process In Manufacturing Paper Gift Box

Nowadays packaging plays a very import role in decorating and protecting the products. Almost every goods you see in the stores, supermarkets, or world’s top brand stores be packed in different kinds of packagings, plastic bags, paper bags, acrylic boxes, plastic boxes .etc. And as environment problem becomes more and more serious, everybody know we need do something to help our earth. Paper material packaging box | paper gift box is the most perfect choice to win the two dimensions test. It can be produced into different shape, different color printing, different size as design, decorate products it packed to attract consumer’s eyes and extend the logo brand; at the same time it’s biodegradable and friendly to environment. Paper gift box becomes more and more welcome, but how does it be produced in professional packaging factory? Production process as below:

1. Design. Good design is the foundation to create nice paperboard box. Usually customer define which kind box patterns he want (like lid and based box style, or magnet flip clamshell box style, sleeve drawer box style, or rigid foldable box style .etc) and make the design himself based on his needs, culture and design philosophy. Sometimes he can tell factory the box structure, box size he want (or even product size need packed into the box), factory can help draw dieline for him, and he only need to put his design onto the dieline.
design a paper box

2. Material. Choosing right box case paper material and key cardboard based on design. There are many kinds of paper material for choice, like thin art paper, kraft paper, woodfree paper, C1S paper card, colored fancy paper, grained fancy paper. Choose which paper according to box design, box structure, usage .etc. For instance, when design has full color image printing on box case, art paper material is good option; if design only one single golden logo on black background, can choose do golden foil stamping the logo brand on black fancy paper, this way looks more luxury than offset printing golden and black on art paper.
fancy paper material

3. Proofing. Before mass production it’s necessary to make box sample for client to check if he like the paper box, dummy white box sample or digital proof colored box sample or even machine printing colored box sample. Production engineer can make an effect paper gift box based on client’s requirement and ship to client to check. And client can still adjust his design based on the real sample he received.
make a paper box sample

4. Printing. Printing is the key process in paper packaging making, good printing is a good starting for following production process. Client can tell factory the pantone color he need to follow, his concern for color effect or just ship factory a printed sample and request printing department to follow. In printing industry, we know it always can not 100% exactly follow color, but experienced printer can follow 90%~95% same as sample.
printing department

5. Surface Handling. The wrapping paper case of the gift box usually has some surface treatment or surface finish to decorate box or logo brand more bright and attractive. General surface finish including do gloss / matt lamination, colored hot foil stamping, emboss / deboss, UV varnish, machine varnish, flocking .etc.
hot foil stamping procedure

6. Diecutting. Die cut is also a important part of the producing process. Do right die cut / kiss cut first has to make a accurate cut knife and this cut knife be made following the dieline in original design (sometimes needs slightly adjust as production requirement).
packaging diecut mould

7. Gluing. Glue help to form a flat paper and paper board into a stand paper box, different paper material need to choose different glue and glue moisture has effect on the paper gift box storage. When do glue process, has to keep the case paper clean and ensure the beauty of the gift box.
handmade glue box

8. Assembling box. This step work has directly effect on paper box quality, greyboard precise locating on case paper, straight angle wrapping, right press contribute to produce a good quality box. For some simple box structure like lid and bottom box fully automatic or semi-automatic assembly box molding, for some complex box structure like collapsible gift box, need handmade with parts machine help assembling.
handmade assemble paper box

9. Packing. Customize book strong carton according to the size of the paper gift box, add waterproof bag or desiccant to prevent moisture. Usually K=A double carton is good for packing gift box, if need more stronger carton can choose K=K double layer carton.
packing box into carton

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