Why are flower boxes more popular than bouquet?

There are 5 main reasons for Consumer:

  1. Buying flowers is pursuing a spiritual satisfaction. For those who love flowers, the moment they receive a flower box is totally different to a bouquet, the flower boxes bring a deeper experience when open the box.
  2. Everyone likes surprises. Before opening flower boxes, the receiver will never know whether it is a flower or other gift, the mysterious is completely visible. The feeling of this was basically finished when the bouquet was handed to the flower receiver, there is no surprise at all. While, maybe there is, “Who sent me this?”
  3. Boyfriend give flowers to their girlfriends and hope that she is happy, and a direct source of happy is that others can admire her. The flower boxes that closes the lid is more like a gift box from the outer packaging. In addition to the surprise of the original gift, the flower receiver needs to open layer by layer, and more expectation is inside.
  4. Gifts express a kind of feeling. Sometimes the choice of outer packaging may attract consumers’ attention more than the product itself. The flower box gives people a feeling of luxury and elagant, that is why should the diamond ring be placed in such kind of gift box? This is the reason why you buy a gift for your girlfriend, and go to a place where you can buy a packaging box.
  5. Some innocent and shy boy don’t want to hold a bunch of flowers when walking outside. They feel too arrogant. On the contrary, the hand-held flower boxes looks good and feel comfortable. This is why in the TV show, movie star send the dresses and the shoes in the gift box instead of directly using the polastic bag.

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