Tomorrow of Kraft Paper Bags in Fast Fashion Brands

In recent years, have you seen this phenomena? Fast fashion clothing headed by Zara and UNIQLO, using kraft paper bags as their own packaging paper bags. What will happen in the clothing packaging in the future?

First of all, Zara and other fast fashion brands choose kraft paper bags, which is in line with the times.

Traditionally, it has been the most advantageous weapon for the eyeball economy. Packaging always allows you to stand out from a large number of products. The long-term development has formed a situation of “over-packaging”.

With the continuous reduction of the earth’s resources, the environment-friendly and recyclable has become more and more fierce. As a large-scale fast fashion brand, the characteristics of reusable and easy-decomposing kraft paper bags have gradually become the mainstream in the garment packaging industry.

We can see that in recent years, not only foreign fast fashion brands have chosen kraft paper bags, but domestic sports brands such as Anta have also used kraft paper bags as their own clothing packaging.

Secondly, the kraft paper bag is using a raw material, which is consistent to the characteristics of fast fashion-large quantity of best prices.

Fashion and low prices are generally the most prominent features of their peers, such as the speed of Zara’s style update and the development of UNIQLO’s technical fabrics. This is their most attractive selling point, which requires them to spend more energy and money.

On the contrary, convenience of carrying is more important in clothing packaging, naturally, price is more affordable, more better. The most friendly and cost-effective materials, kraft paper bags of course have the most advantages, which also represents the trend of the fast fashion clothing packaging industry

Third, from a publicity perspective, fast fashion brands should pay more attention advertising and celebrity effect, so the paper bag highlights the brand characteristics is okay.

Being pragmatical, let it be more cost-effective, highlight their brands on the paper bag is okay. There is no need for too many choices in the process selection. Bronzing, hot stamping, UV, embossing, and debossing, these require a more price. Kraft paper bags with single color printing, while highlighting their own brand, the price has also achieved the lowest, very in line with fast fashion, large quantity of best prices.

The clothing packaging box can not only improve the grade of the product, but also get a good product promotion. The well-customized clothing packaging box is very popular. When choosing a apparel packaging factory, the clothing company should combine its own product positioning, select the clothing packaging gift box that suits its own product style, and achieve a win-win effect. Make the packaging box not only a “box”, but also a art.

Custom Made Promotional Brown Kraft Paper Bags kraft paper bags with handles

Simple Custom Paper Bag-Fashion Apparel Packaging-Black Edges

white kraft paper shopping bags

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