Paper Card Box Printing and Producing Process

Paper card box also called paper gift card box, including reverse tuck end card box, auto-lock bottom box, hanger card box, drawer card box, PVC window card box, pillow card box .etc. Card box consist of single wall paper card like 200gsm ~ 350gsm C1S (Coated One Side Board) or C2S (Coated Two Side Board) or 200gsm ~ 350gsm Duplex Board. Paper Card box be made of paper material and has biodegradable and eco-friendly features. It can custom printing client’s own design on box outer or even inner surface and do surface finish to decorate like foil stamping, UV, emboss or deboss .etc. The cost of card box always cheap than same size rigid cardboard gift box as card box need less paper material, simple structure and easy to produce by machine. And it’s a kind printed folding boxes, can folding flat to packing to save room and shipping cost.

Paper card box widely used as small box packaging like cosmetic box packaging, soap box packaging, shampoo packaging, medicine packaging .etc. And do you know how a professional packaging factory industry produce card box? Please see below:

1. File procession. Good imposition can reduce the printing cost, make up several design card box on the same printing plate to go on printing, laminating, glazing, die cutting and other processes, which can reduce the cost of the plate, reduce paper waste and can also improve production efficiency. File process engineer need to check client’s original files carefully, tell client if some design need to adjust for sake of production situation, and every slight files change should remind and get client’s approval.
pre print file process

2. Offset Printing. Printing is always important in printing industry, whether booklet manual printing, or packaging printing, know client’s needs and print the right color. Sometimes client provide color sample then follow client’s color; sometimes files has mark pantone then follow pantone color strictly; sometimes just print follow files and need printer’s experience to print the good color.heidelberg offset printing

3. Surface finishing. Do surface finish can decorate the card box more bright and luxury outlook. Like do golden or silver foil stamping on logo design, logo looks more luxury and outstanding than just printing; and do spot UV can make some parts looks gloss shine like glass; do emboss or deboss can make some text has 3D effect; and do matt or gloss lamination, not only protect the printed color from scratch, but also can strengthen the card box and make it some matt lamination

4. Die cutting. Die cutting transform the printed big sheet to several open card box pieces. To make card box has good shape and good quality, it needs diecut precise as die line show on original files (error range always should less then 1mm). And it can not die cut too deep in case box self broken when shape fold, at the same time can not to light in case box has no sharp edge or corner when shape die cutting

5. Gluing. When order quantity more than about 3000pcs and card box structure not complex, it can machine glue, fast and economic. If order quantity too little or card box structure very complex, it needs handcraft glue. In gluing, also need to pay attention on quality check, waterproof needs to enough to keep the glue parts strong, meanwhile can not too much in case over glue (box will be easy to dirty when glue come out of glue area).
glue card box

6. Quality inspection. Finally need whole check all card box, pick out the inferior boxes like broken box, overglue dirty box, unglue well boxes .etc and some boxes need clean surface.

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