Gift Box, is a box for products packaging.

It can be classified according to materials, such as: paper box, iron box, wooden box, cloth box, leather box, acrylic box, corrugated box, pvc plastic box, etc., Or by product name, for example, apparel box, tea box, candy box, shoe box, wine box, cosmetic box, conusmer electronics box, jewelry box, watch box, chocolate box, food packaging box, etc. Or by box shape, like, round box, heart shape box, hexagon box, etc.,

Here are 7 packaging processes start from Design:

1, Design: according to requirements, culture, and product characteristics, etc., design the pattern.

2, Materials: gift box is made of cardboard. Luxury or premium packaging uses cardboard of 3mm-6mm is manually wrapped to the outer paper, nowadays, it can be replaced by machinery as technology development.

3, Sample: according to the drawings, make samples. The gift box pays attention to the beautiful appearance, so the color of the version is also varied.

4, Print: the outside wrapping paper of gift box is always printed in full CMYK colors, so the printing requirements are pretty high, color difference, ink point affects the whole aesthetic appreance.

5, Surface Finishing (treatment): gift box usually has to be surface treated, glossy/matte lamination, varnishing, UV printing, spot UV, glittering, gold/silver foiling and many other treaments.

6, Cut: a relatively important part of the printing process, to be a must, die line or template must be accurate

7, Wrap: after cutting, wrappring is key part to ensure the gift box in nice quality of beauty.

Product packaging, try not to copy, using new materials, new processes, new patterns, new shapes, to give consumers a new feeling. Packaging made from renewable and degradable materials is popular, which is convenient for consumers and environmentally friendly, and creates a good image for the company. 

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