Why are flower box more popular than bouquet?

There are 6 main reasons for Seller:

  1. Nowadays, more and more flowers are presented in the form of express delivery. The flower boxes are more convenient to deliver than the bouquets. The packaging paper for bouquet will wrinkle during the delivery and transportation, the flowers is easier to wither and fry, and also will encounter customers complaints, returns, and so on. Flower box saves a lot of  this kind of trouble.
  2. There is soil inside the flower box, and it is easier to fix the flower than the bouquet. The soil inside box keep it wet and moist, and it is easier to keep the flower in fresh. The flowers will be kept fresher for a longer period of time, and the longer for the flower boxes will be. Also the outer box during transportation protect the flowers from damage.
  3. For the same flower, the thickness of branches, the quality of flowers, whether the leaves are flourishing, resluted different in prices greatly. The flower box’s requirements for the branches are not so high. It even can’t be seen once rotten, will be cut off when in flower store.
  4. Holiday like Valentine’s Day, are the main sources of flower shop visitors. Bouquets and gift boxes are always prepared in advance. The bouquet lacks moisture conservation, and the preservation time is short, while the flower box has soil to keep moist, thus the preservation time is longer and it is not easy to dry and wither.
  5. The flower box need only a small certain space and can be store in shelves in orders , also need for flowers is less than the bouquet. From the perspective of cost, it will be more advantageous and profit.
  6. Flower box is beautiful and can be customized to express personal preference and loving, like round box.

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