For consumers, product is important, but among the same products, it is more desirable to choose beatiful gift box. Book-type (Clamshell or Magnetic Box), often used in luxury gifts packaging, can be seen everywhere in packaging industry, such as, cosmetic box, jewelry and watch box etc..

First, the Book-type (Clamshell or Magnetic Box) should be convenient for circulation and use;

Second, the Book-type (Clamshell or Magnetic Box) beautify the goods and facilitate the public’s acceptance: from conception to finished product;

Third, the Book-type (Clamshell or Magnetic Box) need protect the goods inside.

As Book-type (Clamshell or Magnetic Box) is a kind of a rigid gift box, so it is a little hard to transport, so foldable collapsible box occurred:

black packaging boxes

It is easy to store and transport, saves a lot space in the warehouse, land area and transportation space.

It is easy to sell and display, the folding box itself has different postures, such as window-opening, handling, and display styles, which are displayed in front of the consumer and convenient for customers to select and use.

It is loved by customers from overseas for high end gift packaging.





Book-type gift box (Clamshell or Magnetic Box) production process:

  1. Desgin & Artworks completed with die line
  2. Sampling
  3. Material: Outter Surface Wrapping Paper/Inside Paper/Liner Paper
  4. Printing: Outter Surface Wrapping Paper and Liner Paper need to be printed
  5. Post-production process: filming, embossing, UV, bronzing, embossing, die cutting, etc.
  6. Paper Cutting: a, all paper should be cut by accurate cutter; b, board processing: V-groove, and glue iron plate, drilling magnet hole
  7. Wrapping: a, surface paper: should be smooth, must be covered all edges); b,Wrapping Liner: remind to install the magnets
  8. Assembly: glue should be selected according to the material needs, keep the box clean when assembling
  9. Stick the bottom paper as needed. (Be careful to keep the box clean)
  10. Wipe and storage.



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