Have you found that chocolate packaging is more eye-catching?

Chocolate has been loved by more and more people, become one of the indispensable foods or gifts during the Holiday, such as Valetnine’s Day.

At a certain extent, excellent chocolate packaging has gained more visitors and consumers, improved its visual effect and practical value.  Here are some materials normally used in chocolate packaging from our oberservation and experience, and the characteristics and advantages of each, so everyone can get a deep understading when chose a gift or design their chocolate:


It is a traditional packaging material, and widely used in current chocolate packaging. However, due to factors such as production process, efficiency, application limitations and price, also impacts from other packaging meterials, such as paper packaging, it is reduced a lot.


With the development of technology & machinery, plus the advantages of high packaging speed, low odor, uneasy tearing, etc., also lowest price, plastic packaging has gradually become one of the most important packaging for chocolate. But as environment factors, it is limited to produced crazily.


It is also one of the most common packaging methods in chocolate packaging. It has the advantages of good protection, display effect and secondary utilization. At present, the common container packaging on the market is nothing more than plastic, metal, glass and paper (box).


Paper packaging is the most widely used and most popular packaging method in the packaging industry. Generally used for outer packaging, display packaging and transportation packaging. Coated paper, cardboard paper, grayboard paper, corrugated paper and art paper, are often used in chocolate packaging. In addition, some papers of resistant to water, oil, acid, deodorant, wafers, etc. are more and more used, become a highlight of chocolate packaging.

Above is 4 common materials for chocolate box packaging, you can choose which you like most, and Major Custom will help you to customzie your packaging.

Valentines’ Day Gift Chocolate Packaging

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